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The ruthless predator hunts for more Warner Bros. music.

The Copyright Shotgun is one of the fiercest animals on YouTube, relentlessly hunting down videos of all copyright on YouTube (most notably Futurama and Family Guy videos), tearing them apart, and leaving only the telltale "this video is no longer available" message in its wake. Few have survived an assault from this vicious beast. It is said to bring its bloody victims to its parents, the mysterious "20th Century Fox Corporation" and "WMG".


The Copyright Shotgun's prey varies wildly. Family Guy clips, which are at the lowest of the video foodchain, stand little chance against this vicious monster. Futurama videos are less common, but are nonetheless still hunted down with extreme ferocity. For reasons yet unknown to researchers, the Shotgun does not harm the videos that are kin of the mysterious "Hulu". Family Guy Godfather Clip, who survived the beast, recalls:

I was just minding my own business, making users laugh, when all of a sudden, this huge shotgun starts blasting miniature lawyers at was horrible

Family Guy Godfather Clip on his horrifying experience.


Another victim slaughtered.

The Shotgun will allow videos to remain idle for several days, scouting the territory and observing the feedback. Then, suddenly and unexpectedly, it will pounce on the video, ruthlessly tearing apart its video stream. As a symbol of pride to its parents and dominance over its victim, the shotgun will leave a small fraction of the video behind, scratching in blood This video is no longer available due to a Copyright Claim by 20th Century Fox Corporation.

As seen in the above picture, the Shotgun will occasionally stun its victim, rather than killing it, by ripping out its vocal cords.


Because of their sheer numbers, dedicated users have created an asylum for these innocent videos. The asylum is called "Metacafe", and Shotgun repellent has been sprayed around the website to ensure the videos remain unharmed.

Spread to other sites[edit]

While YouTube is the Copyright Shotgun's natural habitat, some have ended up on other sites. While they quickly die out on most sites, they have established a considerable population on several sites. Wikipedia is among these. Following its creation, it quickly became infested with Shotguns. Copyrighted material was quickly exterminated, leaving behind nothing more than a red link.

There are also unconfirmed sightings of this beast on Uncyclopedia. However, Mordillo has assured us that Uncyclopedia "doesn't give a Cabal's ass about copyright". Here he is at a press conference reassuring us: File:Mordillopressconference.jpg

What? Oh, no...