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According to Wookiepedia:

Traditionally, constructing a lightsaber took about a month. [source?] This includes assembling the pieces, both by hand and with the Force, and meditating to imbue the crystals. A Jedi would often spend weeks putting it together, making sure that each part fit perfectly, and that it met their exact preferences in length, color, blade frequency, and so on...

Uncyclopedia knows that this is not true. Lightsabers are made with Photoshop. In fact it's scientifically proven that making lightsabers is the easiest thing to do with Photoshop and would be qualified as the easiest thing to do ever if the act of making lightsabers with photoshop did not include several easier acts such as breathing and blinking.

Since Uncyclopedians love things that are easy there are many, many lightsabers on Uncyclopedia.

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