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Battle of Italy
Part of The war against the CFIS
Battle of Italy battle plan.png
The battle plan for the Battle of Italy
Date 6th November 2006 - 10th December 2006
Location Northern Italy
Result CFIS victory
Greater Germany, New Yugoslavia CFIS
Commanders and leaders
Daniel Bennett, Ben Beswick, Jack Robinson André Bisson
50,000 troops plus 2,000 tanks, 15 GGAF planes and 20 Gunships 30,000 troops plus 2,500 tanks, 20 Italian Airforce planes and 50 Gunships
Casualties and losses
14,350 dead, 6,967 wounded, 2 MIA, 10 POW taken 5,000 dead, 15,346 wounded

The Battle of Italy was an unsuccessful military campaign, between the states under the Federation and CIS, to take control of Italy and to make it part of the Federation. Although many Bothans died, The New Russian Federation did gain some territory in the North of Italy.

The Plan[edit | edit source]

The plan was simple it made use of all the resources available to the Federation. Invading from Greater German Reich and New Yugoslavia. Federation forces would sweep across Northen Italy and then down capturing Rome. The fleet of Imperial Gunships would then move done the right side of Italy, from a unknown island, and drop people off at the bottom and then move along to Sciliy. The troops would then move up Italy and meet the other section of troops in Rome. This would have taken about two weeks with the excepted resistance. Not much resistance was expected because most CIS troops were fighting the Battle of France.

6th November 2006 - 20th November 2006[edit | edit source]

The plan was lauched on the 6th November 2006, however the forces encountered unexpected resistance at the Gothic line. This led to a huge battle resulting in the deaths of many troops. The battle was won by the Federation troops and, despite significant losses moved on to Rome.

The ships fared no better, the ships were lauch two weeks into the Battle, the point which the Battle was supposed to be won, give the CIS change to send their fleet to better the other fleet. The Battle of the Adriatic resulted in the losses of all the federation's ships. This meant that no defense was needed by the CIS at the bottom of Italy and their troops marched to Rome.

20th November 2006 onwards[edit | edit source]

The loss at The Battle of the 59 year old men was the beginning of the end for the Battle of Italy. The federation had no backup and had to bare the full brunt of the CIS armies. Despite this the armies of the federation made significant gains,but when they reached Rome the armies were waiting. See the Battle of Rome for more details. The federation lost and began to be pushed back. The final week some came.

The Final Weeks[edit | edit source]

The armies of the federation were pushed furthur and furthur back, the CIS hoping that they would make gains in Greater Germany and New Yugoslavia. However, the rest of the federation army was waiting and halted the advance. The war was declared over with one week of this event and since then the territory gained has been a base for the army of The Federation.

This territory is now called FIT or Former Imperial Territory.

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