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Al Gore/Colonization

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Al Gore


  • Give background information, mostly accurately. Senate, House, VP, etc. End with something like 'despite extensive political records etc., there is no completely irrefutable evidence that Al Gore exists.'

Early Life

  • Lay out Gore's childhood and rise to politician, casting subtle doubt on the believability of things like his elementary schooling.
  • Claim that liberals tend to ignore the lack of evidence for things like Gore's college years or something.


  • Question Gore's voting record in the House/Senate and his service as Vice President, with particular attention to his lack of accomplishment as VP.

Stance on Global Warming

  • Claim that Gore seemed to materialize out of nowhere once doubts about the validity of global warming surfaced.
  • Chicken or egg question: Did Gore invent global warming, or did global warming invent Al Gore?
    • Perhaps 'which came first' would suit better...
  • Al Gore is an invention of global warming conspiracists

Other Accomplishments

  • Al Gore takes credit in inventing the internet.
    • But wait, if Al Gore invented the internet, and he may not be real, then... this article may not be real either.
    • Also invented chocolate coins?