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Beating my meat is my HOBBY -- Hating Others, Brutally Busting YOU!!

Oscar Wilde on Acronym

ACRONYM stands for Aᴄʀᴏɴʏᴍ Can Rape Or Nake Your Mom! So it's defined circularly.

Teacher’s day celebration. Note that whoever wrote this thing crossed out a nonsense letter the English teacher wrote but wrote two himself.

Styles of acronym writing (UR MOM GAY)[edit]

  • Horizontal = Unite Ratings Must Obliterate Mothers,Giving Actual Yam
  • Vertical =









Naming Others,Tame Everlasting Snakes (notes)[edit]

Acronym is actually an acronym for "Amassing Cunts-(Rancid,Odorly,Nasty) Yelling "MOTHER!"

Or: ACRONYM can rape or nake your mom! That’s circular definition, but nobody cares.

Another circularly defined acronym is FUCK which stands for "fuck u crazy killer".

Acronym chains[edit]

Acronym chains are a less popular thing when it comes to acronyms,is actually linking an acronym to another acronym.

The systems of acronym chains[edit]

You acronymize a thing,then you acronymize the acronymized thing,and so on.

(e.g:The word "at" is acronymized "all tar",acronymized "At Le Lad,Tar At Rad" acronymized "Amass Tars Leading Enemas,Leading Amassed Dates,Tuning Amassed Rats At "The Riding Anonymous Dork",and so forth until you reach an infinite continuum.

Regular Recursion and NOON[edit]

Consider the word NO. To keep things simple, letter N shall always be acronymized "no", and letter O shall always be acronymized "on". Then "no" is acronymized "No On", which is acronymized "No On On No", which is acronymized "No On On No On No No On", and so on, and so on. If we go on to infinity, delete the spaces and capitalize all letters, it would become "NOONONNOONNONOONONNONOONNOONONNO...". This sequence is known as the NOON sequence because of its first four letters.

Acronyms in popular culture[edit]

They get featured A LOT in cartoons in Romania,for example,in an episode of "The Tom And Jerry Show",dubbed in Romanian,there is Bigby talking about a system with an acronymized name,calling it (in the Romanian dubbing version) ZDILJL (ZZZDDDIILLLLJJJJLLLL)!!!

HowTo:Create funny acronyms that would get you expelled from school[edit]

Use the table below. There are some missing words that need you to fill out.

Letter Noun Verb Adjective Letter Noun Verb Adjective
A ass assassinate ? B bitch, butt, bomb ? ?
C communism/t, covidiot cheat crazy D dick, dog, dung die dangerous, dead
E error err, escape, expel evil F failure, fuck fail fucking
G gun, gays ? gay H hatred, heck, hell hate hated
I idiot ? idiotic J jail, junk ? ?
K killer kill ? L liar lie, loathe ludicrous
M mom, monster, motherfucker motherfuck monstrous N negro ? naked, nasty
O odor ? outrageous P penis, pig piss ?
Q ? ? queer R rapist, redundancy, rédund rape, redund rotten, ridiculous
S shit, stupidity scan shitty, stupid T torture ? ?
U Uncyclopedia uncycle ugly V violence ? vile, violent
W witch ? wicked X Avoid using the letter X. No good word suggestions.
Y you ? yucky Z zombie ? ?

Also, you would probably need simple words like "get", "or", "the" or "which". They are not listed in the table above.

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