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A Walkman in its natural habitat, shown without headphones.


Once upon a time, a Japanese guy wanted to listen to his Death Metal on the go. Just like every fucking thing that Japan invents, it was thought up on a train. What is it with these Japanese Trains? Do they just inspire everybody who enters them? It's a mystery. So, anyways, Sony decided to make a brick with buttons that played music. Thus, The Walkman was born.

  • Did you know: The Walkman is actually a Bootleg iPod, despite being a lot worse and having a belt clip.

The Garbage They Called Music[edit]

The music was on a Lactose-Free cASSette Tape, suitable for about twelve songs, Compared with vinyl, who gives a shit? The music around this era was ass. In short, everybody thought it was a big deal until CD's came around. You mind as well stick to those.


The Walkman is powered by a two AA batteries, the same voltage a Gameboy Color uses. Some of the Cassette players had AM/FM radio support, so you could listen to actual good music over the air. (Unless, of course, your local radio stations are shit. In this case, I'd see a doctor immediately).