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Are Uncyclopedia administrators revered as Gods?[edit]

Background and context[edit]

There are numerous wiki style websites in existence and more are popping up on a daily basis. One of those, Uncyclopedia, prides itself on being a "parody" website, and dedicated to satirising Wikipedia - a consequence of which is a strong tendency toward liberal bias. Conservapedia, on the other hand, is a "conservative" wiki, promoting a more right wing viewpoint.[1] Both of these sites, by extension of this, distinguish themselves from Wikipedia, which strives to keep a "neutral point of view" and not lean toward either the left or the right of the political spectrum. 

Due to the vast dissimilarity between these sites, there have often been disparaging words said about one site from the other, and vice versa, leading to what amounts to name calling and unsubstantiated claims. On the Conservapedia entry on Uncyclopedia, for example, it states "Uncyclopedia... (a)dmininistrators are afforded the same reverence as gods.". This claim has to this date been predominantly unsubstantiated, and until this point a quantitative analysis has not been performed. So this then poses the question "Are Uncyclopedia administrators revered as Gods?"

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  1. Rather than claim a neutral point of view and then insert bias, Conservapedia is clear that it seeks to give due credit to conservatism and Christianity. Conservapedia on Conservapedia.