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He is the gratest user of uncyclopedia, but you don't know it yet!!

He will be nominated as noob of the month some years form now, and will be the first noob to be elected years after cowating. Also, he is a Straight Guy who chose his nickname to be Krystal...

Krystal's modern life...

hehe... I'm guessing no one will ever visit this page so i can do as i like here...... Like using six dots instead of three...... Mooooahahaaaaaa... shit, i'm already cowating

Articles i wrote which sucked and were deleted, who knows why I put this as the first section...[edit]

  • Insultics... I agree it sucked... But hey... Did you or did you not write ever anything sucky? Thank god it was deleted before it was to late... (Actually, i'm developing an ultimate plan to eliminate every other uncyclopedian because of this)

Articles so crappy that weren't even good enough to be deleted[edit]

Articles in which I participated[edit]

  • Poop Cuisine I started the Different kinds of poop sections...
  • Normal people Mythological part
  • Fartium Public farting
  • Sophia two haiku verses... the yoda one and some other...
  • Zex The part sooo stupid that really ruins the article. Please, i'm too ashamed to go back there so PLEASEEEE go there and delete it for me.

Coming Soon[edit]

I reserve myself the rights for the following articles:

Factual Facts about me[edit]

  • My girlfriend is from Croatia and looks a little bit like Anna Kournikova... I like my girlfriend best
  • I know a few phrases in croatian, like Ja sam Feder (I'm Gay), Feder Vrast (Gay Power), Ti Si Liepa (You are beautiful), Ja Sam Tvoj Rob (I'm your slave)... And some more...
  • I never huffed any kittens...
  • I'm not gay... Really...
  • I'm not.
  • I've also made some minor edits and oscar wilde quotes, but won't talk about them.
  • Don't know what else to write...
  • I've got no sense of humor...
  • I wouldn't date Oscar Wilde.
  • I started to translate the How to section to spanish, but someone better did it because he/she got tired of how much it sucked and how long i was taking...
  • I Intend to have the longest User Page in Uncyclopedia.
  • I think i should get an award for that...
  • I'm quite narcissistic.
  • I'm not sure if that's how you spell narcissistic...
  • Ti Si Naj Liepsa
  • Tambien hablo español, jeje, puedo usar la Ñ
  • Je ne parlais française pas...
  • When I grow up I wanna finish kindergarten... Wouldn't that be awesome?
  • What's the pòint of writting so much stupid things?
  • Last fact wasn't really a fact.
  • The actual fact should be like the next fact.
  • I'm writting lots of stupid things.
  • i wrote point with an ò.

Reasons why my articles are less visited than others[edit]

  • They're to smart for Uncyclopedians to get it...
  • Uncyclopedians ike Splaka best because he wrote wrong his own name... I can do that to!! Krsytal... See?
  • You guys suck...

Famous Quotes[edit]

"Someone once quoted, and I quote, the Quotable words of Sir Quotealot, which i'll quote right now:""Quoting Mark Twain, I'll say Look, I can also make up Oscar Wilde's Quotes"-Oscar Wilde" Sir Quotealot."-Krystal

My User page sucks as much as any other bastard's[edit]