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“Rocked my fuckin' socks, man.”

~ Andy Warhole on dicks lol

8===========D~ ~ ~ ~O:

Dicks lol was the last painting of the world-renowned abstract depressionist Jackson Bollock. The painting was definitely different from the rest of Bollock's body of work: all his other paintings were achieved by filling a large hall with empty white canvases and exploding a truckload of paints in the middle of the hall. Bollock invented the method during the Second World War Two, where he saw many things explode. Dicks lol, on the other hand, was actually painted using some brushes and some paint - a totally new experience to Bollock. He was on his way to his studio to design some more dick-related paintings, when a small can of paint exploded in the hip pocket of his trousers and ruptured his bladder, which killed him in a few minutes.