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hannah (plural hannah)

  1. A sweet girl with amazing blue eyes and an awesome smile.
  2. (Historical) A trollope, a jade, a harlot.
  3. (Historical) A mediaeval instrument of torture consisting of a threshing flail attached by halteres to the front of a combine harvester whose blades have been reversed and split.
  4. (Historical) A disease of the lungs caused by inhaling improperly stored ordure.
  5. (Street slang) (mainly California) Heroin 'cut' with chia seeds and goji.
  6. (Dated) A girl whose hairstyle prevents her making friends.
  7. (Lincolnshire, Derbyshire) A measure of fresh herrings: five-eighths of a cran.
  8. (Singapore) A dead prostitute.
  9. (Singapore) A politician who loses their seat at an election.