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14 June 2007

YOU HAVE BEEN OWNZORED, xDarthAnimeMasterx reported yesterday. According to Mr. AnimeMaster, your ownzoring was swift and fierce. He also noted you blah blah blah blah

The Nature of The Ownzoring[edit]

The Ownzoring of You took place approximately at 4:52 on the afternoon of etc etc etc etc in Halo 2. "omfg wtf hax," noted AnimeMaster.

lol i have something to add, a loss by 5 in a game type such as swords and ... zzzzz zzzz eh, wassat? is this crap finished yet? No, wake me up when it is will you darling ... zzzz ...ten points on both occasions. its a shame that he lies to you here on this internet. NOOB.

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