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27 July 2008


Well, the owner of YouTube and everything with the word Google on it sued YouTube yesterday for 50,000,000 USD because "we wanted to make more money". Although they said it was because of the misuse of crappy pop music, they lied to the judge. Although YouTube's reaction was priceless, witnesses think YouTube won. What happened in the courtroom in the first-person perspective of Eyewitness Kane Anderson. This was ignored because he was on Crystal Meth

What happened in-trial[edit]

What really happened: "I know the Jonas Brothers are the worst band ever, but you can't blame them. I literally wrote the book on The 12-15 Year Old Girl Theorem, and as long as it is complete, this lawsuit cannot fall through." Google replied with a smart, witty, and original comeback that is "Well, I just want your money." they replied "We already gave all our damn money to you in 2007!" After 2 hours of useless arguing, the Judge specified 50,000,000 get paid to YouTube, while Kent gets sent to rehab.