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4 July 2008

VIACOM CITY, NFL - Oh hell, Viacom FINALLY discovers that YouTube has piracy. Gosh, how long has it taken those idiots to understand that YouTube = Piracy? "We were hoping they'll never find out", Google claims.

Viacom has ordered a big 'ol list from Google, asking all the people who watch pirated material. The list comes up to terabytes, massive terabytes. Aside that, all IPs must be killed in the process, making YouTube a register2watch website. Also, massive privacy issues have been called forth.

Anonymous Internet People of America, AIPA, has called forth a security meeting online, on untraceable IRC. The claims are, that Google's crazed IP hunt has gone higher, over to massacre level. "They were watchy before, but now they are overboard", claims about Google.

Viacom is going to launch 9000 F-19 jet fighters to bombard all the YouTube viewers (approx. 6 billion) with lawsuit calls. Google accepts and continues with its daily life. YouTube viewers have broken their computers and stopped visiting YouTube at all, now that they know that their favorite thing about it comes with severe consequences. YouTube visitors have gone down by 99%, as of 4th July 2008.