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9 August 2011

Freedom and democracy show their bright side to the now illegitimate leaders of UK.

HAGUE -- NATO’s “mission-of-mercy” activities in Libya have been temporarily curtailed to meet the looming humanitarian crisis in England. The UK rebels, who are burning and looting London and other cities around the UK, will be given their own embassy and declared the legitimate and bona fide government of Great Britain by NATO’s Col. Obama.

David Cameron and Queen Elizabeth have been ordered to immediately step down from power now that their authority to rule has been clearly and justifiably undermined by the righteous rebels of UK, the Transitional Mob Council (TMC)

The evil and inhumane actions of the illegal government of England in dispersing and arresting the charming TMC rebels amounts to international war crimes which require an immediate humanitarian intervention from the NATO powers.

“In the event that the tyrants Cameron and what's-her-name refuse to step down and recognize the rebels as the legitimate British government,” threatened Col. Obama, “then US and NATO warplanes are prepared to enforce a 'no fly zone' over Great Britain.“

NATO and the US military have consistently denied any reports that they will target the private residence of the illegitimate Prime Minister and his entire evil family for assassination if the reigns of power are not transferred to the TMC rebel leaders who are fighting for their just cause.

The UK rebels, who have been oppressed for centuries, are fighting to liberate themselves from the corrupt British regime by burning cars, smashing the glass windows of stores and police boxes, and stealing autocratic television sets and other electronic gadgets that rightfully belong to the TMC rebel hoards.

US President Obama told Fox news that Britain’s TMC rebels should be recognized and supported by the international community. Otherwise bombing will commence on Thursday Aug 11, at 5 am, beginning with targeting the British power grid and London city water supplies.

Meanwhile Libya and the USA have expelled the puppet British ambassadors and have offered the respective UK embassies be handed over to the TMC rebels.