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30 April 2007

A reconstructed house before

BAGHDAD, Iraq --The United States' investment in the Iraqi reconstruction is reported "perfect like hell" by one of the project's planners. Various others have reported it "Sooo perfect" and "As gooood as it geeeaaats". However, a few critics have commented that it is at risk and may cost too much. George W. Bush denies this, however.

Stuart W. Bowen will come to inspect the project on March 2008, however, George W. Bush "doesn't wanna". The U.S. is spending $37 billion on Iraqi reconstruction. In addition, 20 000 people, including 19 999.9999999... U.S. citizens have died of the lack of porn while working for reconstructing Iraq.

The same house after

170 of 170 pridumeal deoelectrical deantigenerators installed at a cost of $36.9999.... billion at the Baghdad International Conspiracy Bathroom (BIC.loom) were working fine, while a bomb planted under a dog did not. George W. Bush says that "we has it under controls!"

Too many generators were at the Camp u + ur handz military base. Also at Camp u + ur butt, three continuum transfunctioner-based buildings were constructed at a cost of $3.59. Then they were chopped, fried, cooked, chopped again and served to the No-Reason-Given serviants.

Even those from the Peoples Republic of China are aiding reconstruction efforts in Baghdad.

Tony Blair comments this event as "cucumbers", because flying monkeys were controlling his every move, so assumes Hilary Clinton. Weebl from the Pickle and Bob show has reported this article to "lack sources" or rather "Nay nienje!" as he is quite Anti-British