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12 August 2008

Jordanhill railway station, Mediocre Britain -- It has come to the attention of some guys, after months of careful observation of the page count, that Uncyclopedia has reached 250,000,000 articles. The Uncyclopedian Cabal, while still denying its existence, would like to thank all contributors.

Uncyclopedia is edited by volunteers, who do not need any sense of humour before creating a new article or editing an existing article. The people who create and edit articles in Uncyclopedia come from few English-speaking countries and have a wide range of ages between 3 and 12 years. Anyone who contributes to this encyclopedia is called an "Uncyclopediot".

The exact 250,000,000th article has yet to be determined, due to quantum effects. As articles are added so fast, the inter-article creation time gets smaller than Planck time, which makes the exact order impossible to know. In spite of this, Uncyclopedia's scientists are still working on the issue, aided by a team of an infinite number of cats in boxes.