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27 June 2008

Nice shootin' there, Tex.

OMAHA, Nebraska - You could call this one a darwin award. Justin Harrison of Omaha, Nebraska, suspected to have been on anti-depressants, was found in his victorian home with a self-inflicted bullet lodged in his skull. Justin was lying unconcious on the floor of his living room. He was taken immediately to the hospital. Blood tests revealed that he had been using crackamine, a drug used for pleasure like ecstasy, and prudofil, an anti-deppresant. The gun, a 44 magnum, was found on the floor with one empty case.

"I can't believe that my son would commit suicide!" weeped Susan Harrison, mother of the 29 year old Justin."It's not like him to do that!" Mrs. Harrison sat by Justin the entire time in the hospital, giving him words of hope and the word of god. Too bad Justin was athiest.

Quote1.png Yeah, I dared him to do that... Quote2.png ~ Brian "The Duck" Watson

"Yeah, I dared him to do that, but who would think he actually would? Not me dude, not me."says Brian Watson, the last known contact of Justin before his attempted "suicide". Brian says they Justin, him and a couple of friends went to Chuck E. Cheese's for a party and it turned into a drug fest. He was the only sober person, therefore driving everyone home. He dropped Justin off first. "On the way our my friends were all talking about how they would die, and Justin said suicide. I dared him and he said:'Yup'. He meant it, man."

Justin is still in critical condition at the hospital."He isn't in the best shape, but he'll live," says Dr. Jon Gruden."He only shot his jaw, but he did lose conciousness and a lot of blood." Justin is scheduled to be realeased from the hospital in two days -- and then sent straight to an Insane Assylum."His mind needs work, and maybe it was just from being high, but if he shows signs of mental breakdown at the assylum, he's staying. If not, he'll be released," Gruden says.

Maybe it was homicide, but all of the evidence leads dectectives to believe suicide."There's a slight possibility of homicide, but no one as far as we know is out to get him. So as of right now we are saying suicide," says Detective Dirty Harry. This is the first time Omaha has had a "suicide survivor".


Wikiduckia "Do you want to survive suicide? Seven easy steps to make your dream come true!" CNN, 27 June 2008