UnNews:Singer John Martyn Dies After Collision With Solid Air

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30 January 2009

By: UnNews Staff Reporter, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Folk singer and guitarist John Martyn died today after his car collided with particularly solid air.

Apparently he was holding a London conversation on his cell whilst looking out over Primrose Hill to observe the gathering storm rather than keeping his eyes on the road.

A spokesman for the UK traffic police said:

"It just goes to show that driving without due care and attention is a road to ruin."

A spokesman for fellow dead musician Nick Drake said:

"Nick will be with John now so that when they lie him down he has a hand to hold"

UnNews' celebrity reporter Blaze Flashtart caught up with the ghost of the not yet dead Keith Richards who said:

"I used to love getting really fucked up with John Martyn"