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Damascus, Syria - Protests over a banned episode of popular children's cartoon Muhammad are reaching fever pitch in Syria, as thousands upon thousands of Muslims protesting the screening of the episode by several major Yurpean children's channels descend upon the Danish and Norwegian embassies in Damascus, throwing petrol bombs and firing live rounds into the air - at one point, police were forced to use tear gas upon the gathering masses.

The protests have become increasingly more violent since they began earlier this week, when Danish children's television channel KinderTV broadcast an episode of Muhammad previously banned in all Muslim countries. The episode is the sole chapter in the ongoing Qu'ran saga in which the Prophet Muhammad appears. When first screened in the Middle-East, it was immediately taken off the air and out of circulation after the production company received death threats about the episode's content.

Quote1.png "Why they no show rerun of Eurotrash instead?" Quote2.png ~ Ahmed

The episode brought the main character out of the shadows for the first time, but most fans felt let down when he was revealed to be just a regular guy and not the SuperGod with eye-beams that everyone had been expecting. Most fans boycotted the show - refusing to watch again until the episode had been discounted, and a different episode screened in its place.

Ahmed DurkahDurkah, a local baker, agreed to shed some light on the situation. "When the episode featuring Muhammad first came on TV, everybody right against it. We all say 'What Muhammad doing on screen?' because everybody know Muhammad off-screen character like Charlie Angels or Marris Crane - nobody ever supposed know what he look like."

Despite calls from Muslims wordwide to respect their wishes and keep the episode locked away in a cupboard somewhere, several other Yurpean networks have proceeded to screen the episode, inciting more violence outside European embassies throughout the Middle-East.

"Why they no show rerun of Eurotrash instead?" asks Ahmed.

I agreed.

A recent development in this story: Muslim protestors are now storming offices of the Wikipedia worldwide, after the disputed episode received a Wikipedia entry in several languages.