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4 November 2009

Today President Barack Obama proclaimed his new vision to the country: Yes We Car! He defended General Motors' refusal to sell its European Opel plants. He explained that his wife wants to buy such a cool German car, an Opel Ascona. A real family car for real people.

UnNews reporter Ann C. Klopp-Diaz asked Michelle about the car. The First Lady said: "Don't mind my man being so worried today. I've ordered an Opel Manta, not that odd Germanic Ascona." Klopp-Diaz answered: "Terrific! That reminds me of the great days of Jimmy Carter. Do You remember his TV speeches from the White House's fireplace? Gas price exploded and these cool small German cars were in fashion." "But not Carter's pullover." "O.K. Mrs. President, but will your car be fashionable?" "Why do you ask? It's so cute." "Which color did you order?" "Don't know, the ebay vendor had no picture." "It's no new car?" "I don't know much about cars." "Never mind, but I'd like to bet that you'll get it in a color clashing with all your dresses." "10$?" "10$! Thank You for the talk, Mrs. President."