UnNews:Michael Jackson UnNews Exclusive "I only stopped Smoking crack to get Whitney Houston off my back!"

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26 February 2007

East End, London. Pop sensation and God Michael Jackson has given his latest interview to his friends UnNews. The interview which will be broadcast in full next month in on UnNews TV is his most open.

Mr Jackson was interviewed by our trusted reporter, the former BBC East End bigot, Alf Garnett.

The two great minds get down to some hardtalk.

Garnett 86, met Jackson 42 at the Dogs Wank Pub in East London, last week. Afterwards Jackson did an autograph signing with 600 English soccer hooligans.

The subject of Mr Jackson`s bizarre facal appearance Jackson was must fascination to the East End racist. "Ere! Your that Wacko Jacko off the telly that everyone been goin` on about it! So is your face a mess?"

Jackson replied "It was the crackpipe that really ruined my cheek bones. The only reason I stopped smoking crack was because I didn't Whitney Houston always freeloading off me."

"So whats all this about you doing a collaboration album with Gary Glitter?"

"Its still in the planning stages, I got talking to him about through Myspace. I make a lot of contacts through Myspace nowdays."

The rest of the interview will be broadcast on UnNews next month.