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6 August 2005
Jerry Kluddins, a New Jersey man filed a lawsuit against "The internet, and all it stands for," today, after discovering that his son Kevin, 13, was bypassing AOL's parental security measures by using Firefox, and gaining access to what Kluddins' deemed "inappropriate material".

"When I came in and saw my son staring longingly at a topless supermodel on his computer, I knew something had to be done," Kluddins told reporters outside the courthouse. "It is simply unnatural for a boy of his age to be interested in the female anatomy."

But what Kluddins feels must be done has been met with skepticism by many people. "Sue the internet?!" laughed Jonathon Moruzzi, 23. "I don't even know where to begin on describing how wrong that statement is!" Moruzzi isn't the only one. Many other people are up in arms about the incident, as well.

However Kluddins still stands by his plan, and hopes he can rid the internet of nudity completely. "As a parent, I shouldn't have to know what my kid is doing all the time. I should be able to trust him. And by trust him, I mean let him go to his room, knowing he won't be able to see as much as an aereola on his computer. It's the only way."