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1 April 2010
WARNING! This is a serious news and is very important to the Korean Uncyclopedia users. Recently, the Korean Uncyclopedia website (www.uncyclopedia.kr) has been closed by the South Korean government due to some very inadequate reasons.

Closed Korean Uncyclopedia 20100331.png

This is the image of the Korean Uncyclopedia website closed by the South Korean government. The following is the translation of the text above in the attached image.

If you are a Korean Uncyclopedia user, please try to contact the administrator and confirm the current situation and possible legal actions.

South Korea has a democratic government and people have rights to speak. However, this stupid South Korean government is trying to eliminate all the bad or mocking information about them. Is South Korea really a democratic nation? According to what I have seen from the South Korean Uncyclopedia website, there were only some particular mockings and offensive information about the government. In addition, those information was highly under control of the administration groups and they did not exceed the limit. There was no directly or 'illegally' offensive information to the government.

It seems that the South Korean government is recently committing many un-democratic behaviours to their citizens. Now, they are even taking the rights to laugh from the citizens. Is this an absolutely right thing to do as a government of a nation? or is it just stupid?

Please help the Korean Uncyclopedia website revive in all possible ways. And yeah, this is April Fool's Day fishing of 2010. Better than Apple Inc. fishing of 2009, right?