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23 August 2012

Shameless slut

BURLY, Idaho -- A shameless Idaho slut with a history of sleep-fucking was booked for Distributing the Piece after apparently shagging every man in the Snake River Titty Bar.

Cassia County officials told UnNews that Tuesday’s tactless incident was the third time in five days the 31-year-old wife from Burly had left her house at night. Another time, deputies located her disoriented and wet after an apparent sleep orgy at the next-door neighbors'.

The woman's husband, a quadriplegic, called the sheriff’s office at 2:25 a.m. Tuesday to report his wife was missing. The woman was apprehended, soaked and temporarily satisfied, on a spunky pool table in the Snake River Topless Bar about a quarter mile from the house.

After her latest disappearance, a judge ordered a gynecological examination. The sheriff’s report says she was not found to be a stranger to any man in the small town, including the sheriff and the judge.