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10 January 2007


~ Bill Gates on a Zune/iPhone comparison that ended in a lava-field lightsaber duel.
The iPhone is 26 feet tall, and comes with a giant hand-shaped carrying case.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Apple infuriated millions of zealots Tuesday with the unavailing its long-awaited cell phone.

New "Squishing your little head" interface

Apple's iPhone has a unique new interface in which users use multiple fingers at once to squish photos of their enemies and make them tiny and flip them around. Web sites can be scaled by touch, replicating the zoom-in-and-out effect seen in early 1970's horror movies. "With other web phones, designers can easily blame the phone itself for what the surfer sees," Said Apple CEO Steve Jobs, "but with iPhone you can see crap web design as ugly as any PC can show it." Using the multitouch interface to view Porn is said to be such an exciting experience that it can cause auto accidents even when used indoors.

Zune vs iPhone wireless capabilities

I hate you! squirt squirt I HAAAAAATE YOUUUUUUUUU! squirt squirt squirt

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