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21 August 2012

Tits. Fuck.

FUCKING, Austria -- God damn it all to hell. Fucking cocksucking fucking bullshit motherfucking shit-stained fuck-brained shitfuckers are fucking shitting on all our fucking ungodly motherfucking words. Motherfuckers.

Bullshit cuntfuckers say that God is fucking pissing shitpiss fucked on all our cuntlicking piss cocksucking motherfucking shit. And this correspondant, frankly, is pissed about it. Different fucking holy books are fucking trying to motherfucking censor our asses, and the religious cocksuckers fucking say that fucking bullshit cuss words are fucking forbidden.

Fucking George Carlin famously lists seven god damn motherfucking words that will fucking send us all to hell, and motherfuckers say cocksuckers who fucking talk like that are fucking unwholesome or some shit. And some fuckers think people who use funk cunt piss shit and cock and shit all the time are too dumb to fucking think before they speak and can't fucking express a coherent thought or some such fuck-ass fuck. Fuck. Cocksuckers. Motherfuckers.

And tits too.