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Monday, April 23, 2018

HADDONFIELD, Illinois -- Lots of exciting Halloween news this past week. The test screening. The confirmation that John Carpenter will indeed be doing the score after at least a year of speculation. The confirmation that the film will be rated R (not that there was any doubt). The coloring book. The Happy Meal. On Thursday (exactly six months to go), Blumhouse released a teaser poster, and we got our first look at the new Michael Myers mask.

It is the original 1978 mask aged 40 years. It's in much better shape (no pun intended) than the original mask is in real life. Seriously, the real-life mask is in shambles due to poor preservation over the years. It wouldn't even be wearable. As you can see below, the new, aged mask is still unmistakably Michael Myers.

Halloween 2018 teaser poster mask.jpg

Also notice that the title is officially just plain, old, simple Halloween. No Halloween II. No Halloween 9. No Halloween 11? No Halloween 2018. No Halloween: Electric Boogaloo. No subtitle. Seriously, a member on the Official Halloween Message Board (OHMB) said that he would eat cat shit if the film were just called Halloween.

A few horror news sites and bloggers have brightened up the image and pointed out that Michael's left eye appears to be missing. If you remember the third act of the original, you will remember that Laurie stabbed Michael in the left eye with a knitting needle. Not to mention Loomis shot him six times! One of them probably hit his eye, as well. Don't mention that Loomis shot Michael's eyes out in Halloween II, because as per 2018, all of the films from 1981-2009 are no longer canon. (Halloween 4, 5, and 6 were already stripped from canon via H20.)

Back to the mask. Man, I'm stoked. It immediately reads Michael Myers. After thirty years of masks with such problems as below, it's refreshing to see a return to the classic mask.

  • The Halloween 4 mask (which I can forgive) is a cheap white mask that Michael steals from the drug store.
  • The Halloween 5 mask has a weird neck and an ugly fish-man look. The beginning takes place immediately after Michael's supposed demise in 4, and this is supposed to be the same mask, although they look absolutely nothing alike. Hell, the Myers House looks like a fucking castle in Transylvania instead of a Victorian house in Suburbia. And why is Loomis beating up Michael with a wooden board?
  • The 6 mask was fine.
  • H20 had an early mask (designed by KNB) with Anime eyes, and another that was CGI. There were about five or six different masks throughout the film, but at least they found a good one... courtesy of Stan Winston.
  • The Resurrection mask looks like a big white, pissed off ape. But still better than the 5 mask, somehow.
  • The Rob Zombie mask was one of the better ones. However it was exaggeratedly aged and grungy, especially compared to what we've seen so far of the 2018 mask.
  • Zombie's Halloween II barely had a mask.

It's nice to see even casuals and non-horror buffs getting jizzed over nothing more than a poster or a mask. All the stars are in alignment for this movie. Carpenter is back. Jamie Lee Curtis is back. Hell, Nick Castle's back. The original mask is back. The Shape is back. Blumhouse, the hottest name in horror right now, is producing. Universal is distributing for the first time since Halloween II and III.

Halloween will be released October 19, 2018.