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1 March 2007

Eddie Murphy, a bit of an ass.

REYKAVIK, Iceland -- Reports, today, that former Hollywood funnyman Eddie Murphy made a bit of a scene at the Oscars Award Ceremony. Murphy, who many considered to be favourite to pick up this years Best Portrayal of a Negro in a Movie lost out to veteran actor Alan Arkin.

It is reported that Murphy left the sumptuous Kodak Theatre, kicking over a number of tables and punching a doorman in the teeth. According to his spokesman, Eddie had always intended to leave the Awards, even if he had won.

Cquote1.svg Yes, even if Eddie had picked up the award he had intended to leave early to spend some quality time with his family (excluding his heavily pregnant ex-girlfriend), so it comes as no surprise. I can confirm that even if he had won he fully intended to smash those priceless 1930's marble statues, as well as beating the Theatre Manager into a bloody mess in the foyer. Had he taken the Oscar, I think its fair to say that he would have still rolled down the window of his luxury limo and shreiked abuse at the waiting throngs gathered outside. Thats just Eddie's way. Cquote2.svg

Murphy is currently filming Beverly Hills Cop VII: Die Honky Scum, and refuses to comment.