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29 April 2011

Obama after seeing Trump's cussout.

LAS VEGAS, Nevada --Sir Donald "You're Fired" Trump cussed out President Obama in front of Obama's second main target audience: women. He went in a laced attack with insults such as, "Obama was fucking born in Kenya", or, "He is a fucking Muslim", and "The fucking birth certificate is a fake." Trump went on to outrage the children the women brought by bringing an assault on the middle class. It was held at The Trump, a casino Sir Trump bankrupted three times already.

It is speculated that Trump will not have a chance with the family vote if he should decide to run for the presidency. Family values mogul Focus on the Family said:

Cquote1.svg Well, if we elect this man, all the White House press meetings will have to be censored or rated as to where children could not watch this stuff for their current event papers. Trump will not have a chance if he continues in Satan's ways. Cquote2.svg

In the case of Trump's campaign manager, you're fired.