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Hollywood, USA - June 2, 2017

A comedian was fired today for failing to return Trump's head in time for the Paris accords, and for 20 counts of bad photoshopping.

Kathy Griffin has cancelled her shows after numerous clean-burning bags of poo were left on her doorstep by protestors fearing climate change, when she failed to return Trump's head to him in a timely manner. CNN made the temporary hiatus permanent today, citing all the advertising revenue lost when advertisers announced that they would not be backing her show should she try to resume it later, due to all the ketchup spilled on the head while she had it in her possession.

The head of CNN had the following commentary: "Everybody knows a standing president NEEDS his head to do his job correctly and competently, and to think things through properly and in advance. Even though Trump himself had misplaced his head, when she found it, Griffin should have returned the head immediately to him, as a matter of principle. This ethical failure is inexcusable. The spilled ketchup was adding insult to injury, as it would have only been polite to return the head in clean condition. As a result, we have dismissed Griffin."

When Griffin was asked about the issue, after apologizing profusely for the oversight and the ketchup spill, she commented, "I can't believe I forgot something important like that.........it must have slipped my mind. In fact, I had better check my own head to make sure it is not loose."