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Friday, May 19, 2017

Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell dies at age 52 after committing sucide. The reason is unknown but it most probably directly related to the fans who threw rocks at him while on stage, in anger, he attempted to throw himself off the stage and everybody moved out of the way and he hit the floor like a pile of bricks. Only two days later, and he committed suicide.

Cornell was a member of the popular rock group, Soundgarden, but he grew restless of the band. He then quit to form a new group Audio Slave Girl with members of Rage Against The Machine.

He was recently recording a solo album entitled, My Last Days on Earth before he died. However his record company had commented on this saying "Cornell last solo album was, fuck, when was it? Oh yeah, 2015 when he released Higher Truth. God damnit!" That was the "truth". Get it?


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