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I don't understand why nerd zombies recite "TRAAAAAAINNNS!! TRAAAAAINNNS!!" Shouldn't they be reciting "EQUAAAAATIONNNNSSSS! EQUAAAAATIONNNNSSSS!!"? --Lord Boxtop 01:07, 6 Jan 2006 (UTC)

Mfano mafunzo watoza labda?-- 21:37, 17 June 2006 (UTC)


Zmobies and Zobmies[edit]

Katika ufalme wa Loathing (ambayo hufanya juu kama akili sana kama tovuti hii) adventuring katika Makaburi ya misspelled huweza kusababisha encountering Zmobies au Zobmies, wote wawili ambayo inaweza kushindwa na tabia wielding a Accordion Stolen. Zaidi ya hayo, wakati wa janga Mkuu Time, Riddick infest ya bahari Town siku 28 baadaye na pia inaweza kupigwa na Accordion Stolen


Makala hii haipaswi kuwa steamrollered na kisha rewritten. Ni njia nzuri sana. -  Xaerun 09:00, 30 Oktoba 2007 (UTC)

THIS ARTICLE IS BULLSHIT!!!!! WHY THE HELL IS A TOTALLY UNEDUCATED, INCOMPITENT, ASS WRITTING ABOUT SOMETHING HE HAS NO TRAINING ON THE SUBJECT??!?!!? I mean... come on dude, have you never read the Zombie Survival Guidby Max Brooks????????? it clearly shows everything about zombies, orgin, cause of reanimation, survival tactics, defensive tactics, how to hunt zombies down, fortificatons, the 4 classess of zombie outbreaks, and historicle acounts of past zombie outbreaks. You have no business writing articles that will most likely get people killed and in so doing, adding to the undeads ranks. you sir are an asshole, and i hope you and your family is soon devoured so that you may never again write a dumb article such as this one. – Preceding unsigned comment added by Dogwood40 (talk • contribs)

whine whine whine moan moan moan bitch bitch bitch, fix it yourself why don't you wow you're pretty pathetic --Roman Dog Bird 05:27, January 17, 2010 (UTC)
Yeah RLY? --DJMIXERR.GIF (talk)(contributions)


Remeber that all ghosts are reanimated by magic and has longer hair than zombies, and pale purple skin colour

What the hell?? This is by far the most retarded article about zombies I've ever read. Get educated. You're gonna die if you follow this. Asshole.