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What about smaller states like Rhode Mainland?[edit]


Absolutely indisputable proof of New Jersey's non-existence.

If this equation is true, what would happen for the three states smaller than New Jersey? If another state is added like

  1. the Yukon,
  2. Washington, DC,
  3. Puerto Rico,
  4. Yomamastan, or
  5. et cetera (or ex cetera to the mispronouncers),

then the formula will nuke another state instead be critically nonsensical, claiming another state is a hoax instead of New Jersey. – Preceding unsigned comment added by JJtheWikiCre8r (talk • contribs)

The equation[edit]

According to the equation Connecticut is the one that doesn't exist. New Jersey is 46th in area. CONNECTICUT is 47th, and therefore fake. New Jersey is real, and I live there. Contrainer (talk) 22:33, 10 June 2018 (UTC)