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I'm not much of an editor on here but was wasting time at work and thought I'd see what happened to the one article on here I'd put a lot into. Was aghast to see the mess it'd become and the steamroller template at the top. Have basically reverted this back to my original rewrite of this back in July, as it had been totally arse-raped and pissed about with since, and nothing that had been added seemed either a) literate or b) funny.

Can I make one request, though, and ask that 'mericans don't fiddle with it. The humour/satire/politics are completely, utterly British. References to Mexicans just don't make sense in this context. Any Yanks out there who want to do an immigration piece, maybe we should have two pages (or more if other countries/nationalities do one for their home) and a disambig page. Or, at the very least, maybe it should be split into two sections? Loccy 16:54, 27 November 2007 (UTC)

I did a complete rewrite of this, as what was there was (in my opinion) completely unfunny and utterly shit, and none of it seemed salvageable at all. I hope you'll agree my shout at it is better (if not, I'm sure someone will revert). The only problem I can see is that a Yank-centric piece (albeit a shit one) is now a Brit-centric piece.

It needs fleshing out in the "brown immigrant" section, and we also need some more Advocates of Immigrants, and perhaps some Critics of Immigrants. Loccy 10:22, 12 July 2007 (UTC)