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LTE (acronym for Long Term Evolution), illegally marketed as "4GeneralMarijuana LTE", is the newest standard for using the Internet at transfer rates of up to 1 million penises per second. It was created by the drunk American people because they consider LTE to be an alcoholic standard. LTE is used by 150 drunk countries (including the hyperdrunk United States) worldwide. LTE is more evil than its ancestor (3G).

Psychoactive goal[edit]

The goal of LTE is to increase the number of Internet-addicted people, encourage porn, and teach each president (of any classes) to rape any Asian boys worldwide. All countries, except countries that are fully Muslim-based, accept the goal of LTE.

LTE devices/rapists[edit]

Devices that use LTE as their default networking mode are psychoactive drugs called LTE devices or rapists. Those illegal drugs are so active that they make you addicted to the Internet forever. LTE devices contain unusual parts and are made of illegal ingredients. Shit! LTE rapists are just being illegal! Yuck!


LTE rapists are made of the following illegal ingredients:


LTE rapists contain the following unusual parts:

  • Shark tooth
  • Scientific rapist
  • Electric penis
  • Vaginally cancerous processor
  • Allergic memory
  • Penile port
  • Vaginal circuit


LTE is associated with possible effects such as:

  • Masturbation per minute
  • Malnutrition
  • Let us have sex!
  • Masturbating a priest