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Merged 1960's with this (the apostrophe is wrong, damnit ;) ) - Anonymous

Angry White Males hate the '60s[edit]

Especially if you're not a liberal/Democrat, gay/homosexual... or a Jew (they're blamed for helping black people and feminists). But what's neat about the aging ol' hippies is they use to say "never trust anyone over 30" are most likely to say "never like anyone under 30". And most of all, hippies became yippies by the '70s, yuppies in the '80s, tried to be hippies again like it's 1999 and today, a few angry neo-Cons who support the war in Iraq...but learned the Obama administration is like the '60s all over again, man. ANGRY WHITE MALES FOR OBAMA. HOPE. CHANGE. OUR GRANDKIDS THINK WE'RE COOL. + 06:57, 23 April 2009 (UTC)