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The World Limist Party was founded on June 2005. From its beginnings with the While Light Party to its revolution, the One state Party still holds politics in full grasp. Currently, the Party stands for social and democratic rights and the freedoms to persons who are politically stable. The party also commits itself to eradicate radicals, moles, traitors/people who commit crime against the nation (high treason), insecure classes such as Gypsies, hobos and drug addicts all in the name for social order and a means of peace. A brutal stigma hangs over the great super party in relations to Nazism and relations to Fuhrerprinzip. However, the policies do not reflect National Socialism, but rather reflects the will of the people and the will of Bryan to create world order... Sieg Heil.


With this name also, out of the year 2005, an extreme-rightwing fascist and also a totalitarian empire was created named: White Light. During this specific year, a once political thought used as a tool of conversion emerged into a real, tyrannical political organization. During the 2005 Choir Camp, Benjamin Wong, the founder of "Wongism" ideology set up the Mental Indoctrination known as the "thought-revolution". Its initial cause was the differences between Wongsim and Chongism. Thus, having opposite ideology based on the difference in allocation within the political spectrum of right wing and left wing politics. To establish a full empire, Ben had tried to assert the "Thought-revolution" into Adam Chong's mind during sleep in order to change his political ideology and beliefs into the cult of Wongism. Ultimately, the Thought-Revolution was a disaster. After the event, Adam, the next day went into exile by bus and started life rehearsing for the play: "Oliver". During the time of exile, the message of Wongism had spread due to totalitarian temptation and politically uneducated students. The number of supporters of the WWLP (Wongist White Light Party) grew from 1 to approximately 8 members. By the use of mass propaganda and desperation for leadership, students were eager to join the rising party.

THE SECOND THOUGHT-REVOLUTION: The Night of Cabin Light[edit]

On the Night of the Cabin Light, members rose, a committee of the white light (White light National Congress) was established with the members suited to different tasks to control. Benjamin Wong named himself Fuhrer of the organization and appointing three higher representatives. Bryan Lim: Ministry of Propaganda, Peter Chandler: Ministry of culture/music, Altan Haksoz: Ministry of records and photography. With the news of the downcast Adam Chong, the fully organized party set their sights on a second Thought Revolution. Structure within the party made the second thought revolution more tyrannical and better planned. The three White Light representatives, allocated in different areas were to create a mass propaganda program in the Wongchstag parliamentary Building. The Lower class were required to work extra hard during this period to produce and commit themselves to propaganda goods such as flags, banners, paintings of glorification, music, and army enlargement. Those refused were executed. Adam Chong entered the Wongchstag Parliamentary Building and was bombarded with propaganda and physical abuse from officers and the Fuhrer himself. The Wongist Hand gesture: The three-finger salute was the dominant image that was forced upon Adam. The occasion was spectacular with mass planning. Adam forced himself into exile into the Bathroom of the Parliamentary building but was forced out and abused. Although well organized, the second thought revolution was again a failure. Adam made peace with the Wongists, however, suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for life.


After the “Wongchstag Incident” The word Wongism went global, even spreading to schools. The use of propaganda, especially films which depicted Wongist ideology of anti-communism, STAR WARS: EPISODE VII: ATTACK OF THE NERDS. Pictures of the Fuhrer as the leader (first image was Ben, covered in a sleeping bag cover and also shown typically in a night gown, with a light saber to promote his propaganda movie: Star Wars), speeches, and word-to-word. The members did not rise, however, the idea of Wongism dominated during that specific period.


(May-July 2005) The hype of the White Light was to soon disappear. Many members found the white light to be a cheap organization with no real ideology and no real structure. National White Light Congress was to be closed down and the empire was struggling with control over the masses. The Wongist civilians were questioning Ben’s leadership. Regarded as a great Orator with a Cult personality, Ben Wong was in a crisis that had made him hide away, soon forgetting about what he had tried to spread: The white Light. Soon, the white light Party itself began to crumble in the hands of Ben Wong. Although dedicated to the white light, representatives and advisors soon to spread out and forgot about the organization and the planning of the White Light for the future years. Still members, people washed Wongism away. Due to the lack of proper leadership, the lack of thought within the decaying white light ideology. Bryan Lim left the white light (July 16th ) in order to escape the corrupting forces of Wongism. Thus, established a well organized empire based on extreme right-wing political ideas of: LIMISM. Limism has grown rapidly. From one member to 15. Creating its own KGB secret police (Brypol.), established dictatorial government and army. To assist Limism, Bryan, the leader of the Party (World Limist Party: “WLP”) made treaties and alliances with other personnel. On July 7th, the Bryan-Attila Pact was formed. It is only a matter of time. A date for revolution has been decided. BY Propaganda, the WLP will set things straight, for the people and for the future leader. Time will tell…


Not known of the date, it will come swiftly. The time of Wongism has gone; the time for revolution has come!!!

(On July xth 2005, due to Revolution, History will be re-written)


On the 28th of July 2005, The new Fuhrer: Bryan L. called upon the people and launched the Great Bryannic Revolutionary Movement to complete the revolution into one single right-wing based society where Freedom and "democracy" is preached, away from the malice, destruction and malevolence of the evil Wongist Empire. What made the revolution still so captivating is the organization and the outcome it still has on the united Limist people and on great historians alike…

The only way for civilians under B.Wong to notice the destructiveness of Wongism was by the use of propaganda, in which was used to ultimately annihilate him, in addition to opening the gateway to freedom from oppression into the hands of the great leader. On the 27 July, the Ministry of Propaganda, formally working for Benjamin had a new assignment in the defacement of Ben’s cult personality. The advantage of former ‘Wongists’ was that the department had noticed every trait of Ben wong and was able to use it against him and transform him into an evil personality in monstrous proportions. Defacement and satire used; captivated the audience, while concurrently, preaching the message of Limism. Workers from around Limist territory had the aim of creating, printing and applying propaganda. On the night of 27 July, Printouts literally exceeded 60-70 prints, where they would be put around the school. Ben Wong was put on the faces of celebrities ranging from Home Alone, Desperate House’wongs’ to George Orwell’s 1984. Even if it had a humorous message, told a serious story of a life of totalitarian Wongism and global downfall in the economy, social justice, trust as well as collective nationalism. The Bryan-Attila pact had been previously formed prior to revolution organization. With the help of Comrade Baranyay, a tagline famously used: “All Your Base are Belong to Us” implied the message of Ben Wong and his totalitarian regime with a face of a psychopath and a ruthless monster. The propaganda was a success. The alliance between two leaders sprung a new branch of Limist politics. It is said that without Lord and leader Bryan, Attila and his Communist empire would have never flourished if it were not for the seeds of politics, sprung from this great revolution that gave birth to the “Baranyay Principles of Collective Mass Politics”.

28 July 2005; revolution begins. The main assault on Ben Wong was held amongst the youths of tomorrow, held at Scotch College Melbourne. At Exactly 5.00PM, Bryan and Attila bombarded Scotch Collegians with propaganda posters, that made everyone talking and laughing (at Wongism), based on the Fallen Fuhrer’s lamenting remarks people cried out: “oooohh.. fuhrer.. What cha gonna do?” The head of the Library: Ms. Boyd saw and laughed at the posters and never protested against the assault. Many historians agree that Ms. Boyd passively ‘encouraged’ the revolution to go on. As soon as the assault began, Bryan and Attila were always confronted with Ben Wong, popping up in places unexpected while on a preaching spree. The library was confined too much, so the alliance moved themselves to out Scotch regions and made their attack. Posters were stuck everywhere on the walls to the quadrangles to toilets and year 11 lockers where the effect would take its toll in great proportions. While doing this, Bryan and Baranyay saw Ben Wong past by while they laughed and b. Wong, confused as always, just walked passed with a face of illusions, confusions and/or delusions! (haha)

The aftermath of the revolution would ultimately send Wongism into the pits of political hell and into exile. Ben Wong, confused confronted Bryan in an angry tone, but, Bryan persisted with revolutionary thought. Ben wong was known for his hissy fits if something doesn’t go his way, that’s the mind of a dictator for you… What the revolution brought was the change and thought of civilians and to learn the true nature of one’s persona, if one is willing to learn that is… As a peace maker, Bryan accepted to remove propaganda from lockers, telling the gullible Benjamin that only 20 copies were made where 50 copies existed elsewhere… Propaganda still exists (confirmed) in the library to this day in the reference section and Russian revolution/ National Socialist History sections. Ben Wong was haunted by the overwhelming power of bryan and went into exile, never to be heard again, his head buried in political embarrassment while the Limist movement lives in joyous harmony with Bryan, elected to be the new ‘Fuhrer’. The revolution was competed on the 28 July night and the Bryannic/Limist World Republic was born…


The formalisation of the treaty with Jewish anarchist Benjamin Kunstler was forcefully proposed in August was now formalised towards the end of 2005 demanded the following:

I) 3.5 billion Reichmarks (Now Limischtmark: LM) of reparations in order to pay for the costly 4 month war including compensation for the thousands of deaths of loyal soldiers of the WLP.

II) Giving up land fought during the war, extending from Hungary through to Rhineland. The Limist empire to extend its territory through it's annexations in Poland, and Serbia and Herzegovina. Israel is to be constitutionally reformed and is now under the WL-Reich. The WLP reclaims Alsace-Lorraine.

III) Through land acquisition, people falling under the umbrella of the WLP empire shall be awarded citizenship with expected loyalty towards the Fuhrer. Former nationalistic, cultural, ideological or traditional identities shall not be exhumed. Previous loyalties are thus obsolete and illegal.

IV) 45% of Jewish Coal fields and raw material towards the Empire

V) Kunstler-jews are not allowed to develop an army. Security is to be provided by the state and no other. Conscription is required by all Zionists after the age of 17.

VI) Exporting, manufacturing and gathering arms in illegal.

VII) Military including submarines, tanks, artillery, is illegal and prohibited under law.

VIII) Two Benjamins of Wongism and Kunsterlism and it's 'group' is to declare it's war guilt and responsibility. They are prepared to pay the costs of crimes as stated in the treaty

IX) Kunstler-Jews are to be disbanded and under certain circumstances, to be exterminated quickly. It's leader, Benjamin, shall abdicate and face The World Limist Court of (International) Organised Political Crime. Under Article 12, the reformation of any anti-WLP parties and anarchic organisations is declared, illegal.

The forced acceptance of the New Treaty of Versailles demonstrated the pure Resilience of the WLP in its control over land, people, resources and identity. Post-war reactions were understandably joyful that anti-WLP terrorists were defeated. The treaty signed by Benjamin Kunstler signified a new hope for the empire and peaceful relations of its people from different ethnicities and cultures, now to be branded under the banner of Limism.

Wongism was decared illegal in the WLP anti-terror laws passed on by the judiciary .

In order to curb the threat of opposition, unification was essential and was a complicated task due to different ethnicities under Limism. The Ministry of Culture designed the National flag symbolic of christianity, law, divine right of Fuhrers, purity and integration, while under the banner.

It's National Anthem goes like the following:


Bless this Kingdom!

Limists, where the free people live.

From the ashes of destruction

Ho! For there she rises.

May she guide us.

As God has given place for is

It's time to Unite.

To bless, and to live!


Aist en Aranie evaen!

Limiszt En lainwaith guin.

En Lith eva Qualme

Ein! Ennas erise.

Lothron ho tul hain.

Vala garmen ten ammen

Lume tul anglenno erth.

A asist, Ar mare!


Unfortunately, the New Treaty of Versailles was not taken well to pre-war nationalities. Including in these grievances were illegal groups of exiled Wongists and Kunstlerists. Wongism critiqued the government of oppression and betrayal towards its former body: The White Light party while its former leader; Benjamin seeked our revenge, typical in his personality to rebel against present powers through the loss of his own. The Kunsterlists, as well as the wongists complained of unfair conditions set out in the New treaty of versailles, deaming the treaty to be unfavourable and oppressive to the Jewish population.

During November, a dark storm was clouding over the Fuhrer's Hawthorn estate. The treacherous rebellious talk of the New Treaty of Versailles rose as former Wongists members poured out anti-Limist pamphlets to innocent civillians living in harmony.

At around 13:25, a crowd of people stormed of the Limist palace in Hawthorn. They were able to pass security up three flights of stairs to reach the imperial domain. Unknowingly, the Fuhrer, Bryan, was discussing law and education reform regarding the Higher-education English program with Minister Ms. O'Bryan. Some of Wognism past members were able to infiltrate the Ministry of Education while mocking the right hand salute. Bryan, fearing for his life remained behind the office while officers within the ministry building shot the disbelievers. After learning to ignore the violent and disrespectful protests, the Fuhrer walked through the palace only to find more anarchists charging through the palace. The Fuhrer tried to flee through to the second floor but was caught by Altan, leader of the Wongist police and dubbed "The Rottweiller of Ben". Altan's dirty hands touched the Fuhrer's cloak and brought him to the third floor, and there waiting the rebellion of two terrorist groups.

The Fuhrer was brought to a rebellion of literally 30 people demanding the downfall of Limism and constitutional reform and absurdly demanding democracy and soverignty of the Wongists and Jewish population. The rebellious crowd slandered the WLP caling out "Down with the Fuhrer, down with Limism" in a disgusting tone of hate and satanism. Bryan thought the Kunsterlists and Wongists were rebellions but never thought communist would be in their ideology, clearly identifying this event to be inspired by CCP struggle sessions during the cultural revolutions in the People's Republic of China. During their chants and accusations in an illegal 'court' against the state, party officials and elders stood by and did nothing against the crowd who pinned Bryan to the lockers.

The secret police rung its bell at 14:00 and quickly with fear and great weakness and cowardice, the army of anarchists quickly disbanded and the victory of Limist prevailed. On the platform opposite to the lockers the fuhrer lifted his right hand for saulte to address a speech of Victory

"My fellow Limists, the Wongists and Jews tried to destroy the foundations of this great democratic dictatorship by rocking its foundations from its anarchist and rebellious ways. This is just the beginning of the battle but as time grows, rebellion will be crushed and any individuals future actions against the party shall pass away. Our party was founded on war and will continue to struggle against the illegal strugglers. Revolution is continuous but so is our victory. Heil to this empire.

Rumour has it both Benjaminss are pursuing Arts, Commerce and Law in foreign universities. Some state they are using their law skills to infiltrate the justice system for illegal reform and Commerce degrees to help their plans in causing economic collapse.

Altan is yet to be captured and excecuted without trail.

Party officials who walked passed without aiding the Fuhrer were shot during swift public execution.


Bryan had his eyes set on dominating western Europe, seeing central and eastern europe as an easy prize from the war that was pathetically waged against him for only a few month; the WLP committee set to spread the word of revolution to The United Kingdom and France.

On 3 December 2005, Bryan declared the revolutionary domino theory at Pizza Express, london stating that The United Kingdom and France would love Limist theory of government that all democracies would fall to one state power providing for the whole of Europe, asserting its new dominance in economics, law, the arts, science in the 21st century. The economic, political and cultural dominance of the US was soon to be over with the emergence against rival China, the Fuhrer warned the threats of ideology across he Atlantic and to the east. With Communist China rising in prosperity, it proved that democracy had a new challenger and the only way to contain this threat was to not merge democracy and limism together but for the entire overhaul of the democratic system into a one state- one man dictatorship to effectively fight fire with fire, by balancing the powers to counter attack threats in the European-Australisian region.

Conflict emerged between London and Limism with London’s dismissal of revolutionary proposals. In disgust, Bryan declared revolutionary war against the United Kingdom. On 5 December, the small Scotch Limist Army (SLA) gathered at Hyde park, opposite to the residence of the Fuhrer and stormed into Buckingham palace and then marched the long road to raid the Houses of Parliament. it was a success. Symbolically, Bryan stood at the top of the London eye to address his new prize in admiration in capturing London. Bryan then spoke to students at the prestigious Eton College where he preached Limism and discussed politics with posh, rich mamma’s boys.

6-7 December, the Fuhrer reclaimed Warwick castle and declared the English country side to be his official residence and the handover of English land to the Limist empire was thus complete. The Fuhrer waved to the crowd on top of the Castle Walls in triumph. Bryan made his trip to Cambridge University and visited Leys School where he delivered more speeches and was awarded best speaker for his revolutionary thoughts, beating other speeches from three different schools. The victory of Limism was now endless.

13 December at 1417 hrs, the SLA and the Fuhrer retired from their busy schedule in the United Kingdom to have a tour of Paris. His officials resided on Boulevard de Reuilly in the 12th Arrondissement.

Bryan saw the beauty of paris and decided to claim the City with contributions of Attila, and Czar and Pope Nicholas Tam made in at the Hôtel de Ville. This prooved to be a symbolically significant moment where the unification of Europe was near its completion with the help of powerful allies controlling many parts of modern Europe. His officials then were ‘entertained’ by Moulin Rouge stage girls, courtesy of the party.

THE ULTIMATE BETRAYAL: The Treason of Paris[edit]

On 15 December, near Place de la Concorde, the last day of The official limist party European revolutionary tour, Franco-Hungarian alliances formed from the distaste of Limist occupation of Budapest. Attila formed an alliance with part-Hungarian dictator Czar Nicholas who was the pope at that time to form an allegiance against the Limist party.

This was a crushing moment of the World Limist party due to close alliances broken down on the tour. It is still a lingering mystery in their abandonment of such a great party. There is no true motive revealed by the individuals but historians say Hungarian nationalism, further united by shared beliefs in Catholicism and disappointing and irresponsible exposure to anti-WLP émigré rogues. In fact the two rebels have connections to the Wongist empire. Bryan felt politically betrayed and declared a holy war against Hungary.

From there, the Fuhrer saw Paris as his sole prize possession as he gazed from the top of l'Arc de Triomphe as he saw the wonders of the Champs Elysee that was all his and the roads that stretched into unlimited terrain, that was Europe.

An update tells us that the Fuhrer has had some contact with the two rebels and is considering vetoing war that is set to resume after a 3 year lapse since the tragic incident happened.

DETENTE: The treaty of the Kunstler-jews[edit]

On 12 October 2006, The Limist government sent out to key regions of the Limist Empire calling for a list of grievances. This event was very significant as for the first time, the government opened its doors to open criticism. Acknowledging that government consisted of the people and to reduce internal rebellion, representatives were given a chance to hear the voices of the people democratically held in the Limist Palace during a Séance Royale. The Book of Grievances was released to all occupied European territory, including the Kunster-Jews

The following is the official abstract of the Formal Book of Grievances (in French)

Le Cahiers de la Révolution Briannique

"Le Roi Bryan commandé une Séance Royale pour que les gens discutent leurs réclamations de la Révolution.

Le royal état de Bryannique qui a offert la liberté, l'égalté et les droits a toutes les personnes.

Cela a installé la justice et réagit aux demandes de tout le monde qui étaient insupportables dans l'ancien régime.

Vivre le Roi, Vivre le ' Führer', Vivre la Revolution Bryannique."

A new treaty of Versailles was formed that lessened the original conditions set out in 2005 but was rejected by rebel Kunstler, however, the government was willing to compromise this treaty in exchange for peace with the Kunstlerists and formed the Treaty of Hawthorn (12 October 2006) whereby the Kunsterists were able to maintain their culture and way of life previously prohibited under Limist law.


The spectre of anti-revolutionary behaviour from states around the Limist empire began to grow early 2007 with threats from other nations and the UN to intervene.

April 2007, the government sent out the following admonition declared upon all nations:

Admonition of the World Limist Party "We hold these truths to be self evident that the World Limist Party has the right to rule over this land and its people as a divine presence under the will of God. Self-determination is man’s right to chose his sovereignty and has elected the official establishment of administration in the name of Democratic dictatorship. The Divine Right of the Fuhrer is to guide the sacred Laws of this Kingdom to unite and free his citizens from menace. In this regard, we propose this official admonition to counter opposition; contesting the decree as a means of trespassing. It is then, the ultimate right to declare War upon those who willingly prepare themselves to eliminate and shadow the rights to which the Fuhrer and his citizens hold."

13 April 2007