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Kelly and I enjoying some quality time together.

Okay, I am starting over. I have a long user page simply because I am an alien and have a lot of explaining to do because of that. I am Verp Tlethl, but I seriously misplaced my password and lost my e-mail, so that page is in stasis (if anyone who can help sees this, HELP!). The University of Idaho, where I went as part of my cover told me I get to have a lifetime e-mail, but I did not tell us it wouldn't be the same one as the student e-mail, so I lost that one when I graduated. I even put that damned thing on all my business cards and stationary. I could tell you all about why I travelled back in time and why I'm hard to find, but it would be one of those "now I have to kill you" kind of things. It wouldn't involve actual death, though. I would simply go into your mind and remove the memories, but that would be no fun for either of us. At least you wouldn't remember the unpleasantries.

I am a sehlat but not a Vulcan sehlat. Vulcans like sehlats because it is a safe way to deal with their emotional side. They claim we are aggressive and dangerous, but they simply find our emotions a bit overwhelming. I like to hug people and purr loudly, but with Vulcans it is fun to see their often flustered reaction. I am anthropomorphic, which makes me a furry, but don't hold that against me or the other furries. Another way of understanding my personality is I make all the canine and feline sounds, including roaring. I howl like a wolf when a Klingon dies in front of me. Many Klingons think I am the Fek'lhr until they get to know me better. I understand Klingons, but that doesn't mean I necessarily approve. I also have a tail much like a lion's or minotaur's tail, which tends to confuse the issue even more. My home world of [Classified]'s sehlats' sound is known as a grak. Grak is used the way woof, meow or dude is. Inflection and tone give it its meaning. I usually give a friendly grak as my version of aloha when I show up or leave.

If you worry about Kelly my significant other, she loves me for my mind and personality, but does appreciate that I'm quite large, but not too large. I also have a remarkably long wide tongue so I can clean my saberteeth. People figure out I'm capable of informed consent so I get hit on sometimes. I am quite gentle. Sehlats are dangerous only if we need to be dangerous back, but with family, we are gentle like Newfoundlander dogs, because of our large dentition and retractable claws. I can even eat bones like a hyena. We have learned in my time everyone is family, but don't forget the being dangerous back part. Being a fast moving predator, I usually just disarm an attacker if the have a weapon. I simply hold the troublemaker up by their shoulders if they still want to fight and try to talk sense into them. In public, I wear nice clothing so people see a gentleman (hopefully) and do not assume I am some sort of crazed werewolf thing. I will play the crazed were-thing part with friends on Halloween. At furry, fantasy and science fiction cons I can be more casual. I get hit on a lot at furry cons. I'm only nude in public if the other nudists know me, because I can be even more terrifying naked. I am quite popular at clothing optional furry events and get hit on even more. In my picture, we are both nude from the waist down. Don't ask where my large but dexterous hand is, claws safely sheathed. If we sense people heading toward us, she gets in the water and I submerge almost up to my nose. Right after they wonder what kind of dog I am, I telepathically project to them I am friendly and can hold an intelligent conversation directly with their mind. I am very gentle and subtle with my telepathy; none of this mind meld brain rape unless it comes to that. If they don't mind I will stand up to my waist or even get out of the water. I am remarkably tall, being digitigrade and all.

I think humanoids are cute. They have that monkey twitchiness and yummy scents that makes me want to pounce on them and consume their flesh, but that would be wrong on so many levels, so I gently ignore those instincts, even if they want me to act on them (furries know what I am talking about). Animals and children seem to understand I'm a big softy, so I sometimes end up the center of attention. This can be touching or irritating, depending on context. There is the old joke "Are sehlats safe around children?" "Yes, they can outrun them." I outrun children a lot. My well developed senses let me keep track of them if I end up babysitting at a convention and we go on a little outing. I can also diagnose many serious medical issues based on people's odors. I like science fiction, fantasy and furry cons for the social connections and the fact everybody assumes I have a really cool costume or simply enjoy me for being me and "Whatever the hell you are Verp."