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 So we are finally here are we? Score: I win. Moves: You're dead.


My Little Area[edit]

It is where I rant...

--- I hate the way people talk in Wisconsin.

I hate how everyone is soooo afraid of Friday 13th. I think we should really be more worried about Wednesday 27th. So far it has escaped all detection, but now it has been noticed and we really need to spread the word that our worst fears have been confirmed: Wednesday 27th will stop at nothing to wreck havok and will in fact, one day, take over the world.

When the chips are down, they are really down. I mean like really down. In fact they are not just down they are spread out all over the floor and scattered throughout the house. They rolled under the rugs, chairs, tables. If you looked for a million years you wouldn't be able to find them all. I mean they are really down.

World of the Squirrel Fanatics[edit]

<table width="35%" cellpadding="20"
center border=" 1px solid #000066">
No its not This Guy, but from a distance on horseback it could be? In a light mist.....or if you were drunk or something....
A monkey ... ... and a gem !
Roses are Red
Violets are Blue 
In Soviet Russia
Poem writes YOU!!
~ Who the hell cares
Why is it that whenever
you get to a place you 
think you like, somethin
always has to screw it up?
~ some depressed girl from PA
I used to wonder why people
said girls were smarter than
boys.  Then i looked at my lab
partner and saw their point.
===All my crap===

This site is not for people who can't tie their own shoes.

If you don't understand go cry to your mother[edit]

My "I ♥ ME" Wall[edit]

Here's where all of my "Worst Ever" awards go.

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Now go play in traffic.

Bring me to your leader or you will perish

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I'm watching you. Think about what you're doing.
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Feather in your cap
Alien Burninator
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