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We have a duty to intervene, even if we don't know what these gentlemen are taking... it is our prerogative to make sure no stone is left unturned and that progress is fulfilled with a utilitarian ethic as our guide
Oscar Wilde on his last Friday night out

<Sycamore> You know Helltroll, I find your contribuitions moribund for want of a better word

<HeLLTroLL> wach yo mean bich?

<RAHB> He challenges you to a duel

<HeLLTroLL> wow shit

<HeLLTroLL> ok let's do it

<HeLLTroLL> how?

<Sycamore> You bend over and I kcik you as far as possible

<RAHB> This duel is to be fought with cocks

<RAHB> Or that works too.

<Mhaille> penisfencing is an artform

<HeLLTroLL> oh it's not fair, you're a nigger

<HeLLTroLL> i'm not a nigger

<HeLLTroLL> you'll win for sure

<Mhaille> you're not Welsh are you?

<Sycamore> I suppose some of my physical attributes would lead you to believe that...

<HeLLTroLL> but i did it with my brother

<HeLLTroLL> i'm not welsh

<RAHB> That's incest.

<RAHB> Incest is illegal.

<RAHB> And sexy.

<Sycamore> Well done RAHB

<HeLLTroLL> yeah it's cool

<HeLLTroLL> i won

<HeLLTroLL> and the prize was to fuck my bro

<Mhaille> and its so much more fun than Charades at the xmas party

<Mhaille> unless you are doing the film Brokeback Mountain

<Mhaille> " it a film?"

<HeLLTroLL> hey my brother is so hawt

<RAHB> hah

<HeLLTroLL> brb

Long term projects[edit]

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  2. User:Sycamore/HowTo:Deal with a Girlfriend who has developed a puncture
  3. User:Sycamore/postmodernismrewrite

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Celtic Ninja Star
This person has done good deeds in the eyes of Sycamore

John Boy, I'm gonna gut your heathan ass!

[18:19] == Hut [~ubuser@] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.3.3]

[18:19] <JohnTechno> use some lube this time, eh?

[18:21] <Sycamore> OK - on condition that you check off ban patrol as I won't be about to later again to tomorrow

[18:22] <JohnTechno> gah, I hate doing ban patrol

[18:23] <Sycamore> Then we shall have a messy ban patrol and masturate to Enoch Powel pics

[18:26] <JohnTechno> you love him

[18:27] <JohnTechno> anyway, BP's all yours

[18:29] <Sycamore> I just think Uncyclopeida is ready for a "Strong leader" that will clear out the deadwood.

[18:29] <Sycamore> Cheers for Ban Patrol, looks tidy now

[18:29] <Sycamore> ;)

[18:30] <JohnTechno> and make the trains run on time

[18:31] <Plebbischniccht> Whaaah... an empty ban patrol? Scary...

[18:36] <Sycamore> I would be so disapointing in real life, I would make such a pish Nazi. It's only on Uncyclopedia that I can live out my pathetic self image of grand political ideals and authoritarian adamantine ideals and persona

[18:36] <Plebbischniccht> At least you manage somewhere. Plenty of folks just plain fail in general.

[18:36] <JohnTechno> funnily enough, I reckon I'd make an excellent Nazi

[18:37] <Sycamore> That's almost an unacceptbale thing for a Jewish man to say...

[18:39] <Sycamore> I reckon I'd be a great Tory though...

[18:40] <JohnTechno> wonder what they'd say if I pulled up outside the synagogue in this? h13.jpg

[18:40] <JohnTechno> oh, I'd be a shit Tory - I don't like rentboys enough

[18:41] <Sycamore> I reckon Jewish style is cooler. I like the irony of turning up for Jew prayer times in a VW

[18:41] <JohnTechno> with a Star of David in place of the VW badge

[18:42] <JohnTechno> if I won the Lottery, I'd buy a Zeppelin and replace the iron crosses with Stars of David and fly around Germany

[18:42] <Sycamore> Spreading your Zionist seed all over the Germans

[18:43] <JohnTechno> "Enjoy the kosher sauce on your bratwurst, Fritz!"