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My breakfast consisted of four different thingamajiggerzuh. I do believe that the meal was edible, I hope it was or else I'm having a bad time on the toilet.

The first thing I had was some toast. The toast was okay. My mommy made it for me in the toaster while I complained about how hungry I was. However, there was too many burnt spots and not enough butter. It wasn't a good start to breakfast.

Next, I couldn't take any more of that shitty food, so i got off my lazy ass and make myself some frosted flakes with whole milk. Whole milk is the best because it has all the fat in it. And fat is goochy. The frosted flakes were stale, so it wasn't that good. And sometimes, frosted flakes get lodged in your throat, which happened during breakfast. I wasn't a big fan of the frosted flakes.

Get the pan out, because I want some fucking eggs. You know this shit is good because eggs come from chickens and chickens are delicious. However, there weren't enough eggs, so I only had a 2egg omelette instead of a 3egg omelette. The cheese was just right, but the eggs were a little burnt. Overall, it was still good.

Now I need something to wash that shit down. I got some root beer. Root beer and breakfast? That's gross. Shut up, smartass, you've never had a real breakfast, bitch. The root beer was very foamy and good, it was fresh from the store, so it wasn't expired. The root beer was the best part of my breakfast.

Overall, I enjoyed the second half of breakfast a lot more than the first. However, since only half of it was good, I would have to give it.....

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