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poetry 1[edit]

Hot cinnamon buns at Grandma's house and tinkerbell tamborines

The music plays the sweetest tunes in my heart

Stars twinkle twinkle twinkle their greatest memories

And a child smiles

Because he was the lucky 107th caller


Poetry! Poetry! Poetry!

Poetry flows from me like water coming out of a faucet!

Look at the sky

Look at the plains

The world is full of the finest wonderful beauty

Nature is in her beautiful solemn slumber

And now for the jap chicks


  • this wuz before I started polling but i nkow fer sure it would of got lots of positive respons. what do u think?

poetry 2[edit]

A spotted sandpiper flies in grandeur over the hilly hillside

Finding his flying food in the majestic sky air

Fly bird! Fly!

Meanwhile children play below in supreme jubilee

They play with the innocence of children in their little hearts

So full of compassion and retribution

So were the days of our childhood

We hearken back upon the days when we took pride in our endearing discoveries

Of wonderful whimsical times gone by

Oh! How we wish we had the time back!

The time spent building the sandcastles of our dreams

Using only a plastic yellow shovel

And the boundless boundaries of our vast imaginations

Sometimes I wish I was married to my mother

And now for the jap chicks


  • thanx evrybody for your votes! this one got realy good response and 23 people said its some good peotry. keep the votes comming!!!

poetry 3[edit]

The earth is a bubbling cauldron of soup

Being heated longer than the directions on the can call for

By Global Warming

Oh my poor defenseless polar bear friends

And panda bears

It is more than I can bear

God's green earth needs an air conditioner right now

And the Republicans vote down the proposal to finance one

I can hear the distraught cry of the trees in the rain forest

Saying "Please, let me live"

"Please let me see my grandchildren grow their thousandth leaf"

And what does the corporate world say?

They say "This is a chainsaw. I will cut you"

The tragedy contiues day in and day out

And now for the jap chicks


  • awsome dueds thanx again! everybody realy seemed to like it and i think it got probally the most vots yet!!!!

poetry 4[edit]

The thought of you alone brings me to my knees

My bare knee flesh hitting the berber carpet

Through my ripped-knee jeans

Why must you be you?

Why must you be you?

The sight of you is like sirloin steak with corn and brownie dessert for my famished heart

You are the breath in my lungs

You are the bump in my shorts

You are the magazine in the public restroom when someone used up all the toilet paper

You have rescued me in this crazy, crazy world

Yet when I call you hang up right away

And say that your dad needs to use the phone

Why? Why? Why?

Why must your dad need to use the phone so much?

What is he, a telemarketer?

And now for the jap chicks


  • once agin you gave me some good response. it rly makes it very rewording and fufilling when so many ppl say they like what i'm doing so keep reading the poetry and keep it real dudes!

poetry 5[edit]

It's a brand new year

But nothing ever changes

Sadness grips me like a grasping metal crane arm

But I am not a plush toy

I am but a man doomed to lived on a planet

That cares not for me

That does not love me

And only spits in my face

But I will continue the resistance

I will play my music in my room at its fullest blast

Fuck the neighbors or my parents or anyone else

And I will show them sullen like they've never seen it

As I coldly consume a plate of melancholy pancakes

And now for the jap chicks


  • well evrybodyi s rly enjoying my poerty i think so it rly makes it wroth the tiem i spend deep serching my sole and puting it on paper. we ll not paper but like interntet you know

poetry 6[edit]

The world is full of ruffians and heathens

They mock me and throw hot lunch spaghetti in my face

And put ketchup in my canned fruit-like mix dessert

Even though I was saving it for last

They have their laughs and chortles for now

But little do they know I am a level 58 warlock in Warcraft

And I would pwn them so bad online

I have a book on witchcraft as well

Not the fake stuff

I mean the real stuff

It teaches me the ways and means to wield the power of darkness

And I just may have to level 4 flame their asses

If that doesn’t work I have another book on sweet ninja skills

And they don’t want to know the terror known as the Tanuki Talon Strike

And now for the jap chicks


  • Rock on dueds keep the votes comming! they say that young ppl dont appriciate poetey todya but thats not true i think!!!! IMHO

poetry 7[edit]

Of God's many great blessings

Perhaps none is greater than that of friendship

A friend that sticks by you in thick and thin

A shoulder to cry on

A treasured companion in this journey we call life

Yes! I give thanks every day for my cherished friends

Except for Russell

That stupid fat fuck

We made the rule

We talked it over and made the rule

We said you let the other person have time to respawn

And not just camp out and attack them the second they come out

We said you have to wait at least 5 seconds

Perhaps count 5 apples or something

But that stupid fuck does not wait at all

Not even one apple

I can't even respawn

I hate that fucker Russell

Did I mention he was fat?

And now for the jap chicks


  • hay ya thnx agin ppl u no i soemtimes like feel al deppressed but than i see so many ppl like my pomes and thne if eel all better so keep reading evryone rock on!!!!