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Cool addition to Megatexas. One of the best ones yet. Unfortunately, Cleveland is outside the borders of Megatexas -- if you look at the map, the line runs south through Detroit and Toledo. I changed the article a little bit to reflect that. It still makes sense for Megatexas to invade.

If you'd like to bring it in closer to Megatexas continuity, that would be really interesting. The Grand Duchy couldn't form before the Roswell Incident, since that wouldn't make much sense -- Megatexas is an alternate history, and it diverges at the Roswell Incident. So it'd have to be either in the chaotic period between Roswell and 1950, and recognized in the Megatexan Reorganization. It would make a lot of sense if Cleveland had a Martian patron, and they somehow imported radioactive material there.

I had planned to do something with the Cuyahoga River eventually. I also thought that anti-Martian feeling would be very strong there, since it was close to Toronto and the economic boom that Cleveland was on the verge of in 1947 would not have occurred. Rockefeller had very strong connections to the Martians, but they hated Eliot Ness. I really like the radioactive angle.

It makes perfect sense for Megatexas to invade, since the only reason they have border states is to invade occasionally and distract everyone.