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The fox trot[edit]


Our parents danced this dance. It was often the first time their chests and goins came close to one another. It was scandelous in its own time though now considered cute. This should inspire any user to not hold back in anything, assuming it will all seem harmless in the future.

The Badinerie[edit]


A courtly dance, danced by rich and powerful people trying to get richer and powerfuler. That is the ideal uncyclopedian, only without being a dick.

The hip hop montage[edit]


Any hipster douche can be a hip hop poser, this little white dude, seems to pull it off. This is how I imagine Aleister when he was a kid.

The Pas de deux[edit]


A ballet form that lesbians dance to practice varying scisoring positions. This kind of dance will make your other uncyclcopedians respect you.

The gay jig[edit]


If you are gay and proud of it, then dance a jig and show uncyclopedians just how much flame you have. Firey deadly flame. Blowtorch the site down with your non stop gay jigging flame for all of us to see.