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Hawkman flying off to beat the ever lovin shit out of some Guatemalan bitches!

This was a minor conflct in Guatemala where Hawkman got pissed and started telling people to kill all the Guatemalans in Guatemala. Hawkman got pissed because he finally realized that he had the shittiest superpowers ever so he rose to power Guatemala. Hawkman then directed his rage at his own people and began hiring mexicans to eliminate them.

History Behind[edit]

The Guatemalans have always been known for being mildly retarded. So it was inevidable that they would do something like elect some shitty ass superhero as their supreme dictator (fucking morons).

Atrocities Committed[edit]

There are many things the mexicans hawkman hired did to the guatemalans such as raping the women then nine months latereating their unborn children, beating children with puppies, and just straight up shootin people.