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“This has got to be the worst user page I've ever seen. Whoever wrote this is an idiot.”
~ Oscar Wilde on me

Holy shit, I'm actually making a user page? That's almost too crazy to exist. Be warned, it's likely to be stupid, convoluded, and have way too many headings. I'd stop reading now if I were you. No, seriously. I mean, I stopped reading about ten minutes ago. My fingers are just working on their own shit now. Kill the thumbs! Kill them!

Stuff I've done[edit]



Rewrote / Editted Extensively[edit]


  • I'm fairly-somewhat active in VFD and VFH
  • And I'm the stub fairy, adding stub templates to pages that need it
  • And random copy-edits, including making links to my articles whenever I see a word that even vaughly sorta' fits.
  • Oh, right, and your mom. I totally did her.

Um... Not Uncyclopedia[edit]

  • I screwed about on wiki for a while, but uncyclopedia has at least 90% more funk in the trunk. I left and have never looked back.
  • I totally do improv. I'm on a team and everything. Totally.
  • I'm going to start a webcomic someday, assuming (and this is a pretty big assumption, knowing me) that I ever get around to it. But if I do... It'll be sweet. There'll be characters and EVERYTHING. Fuck yeah.
  • Oh, and did I mention your mom? Frankly, she's not very good in bed.