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Hey there! I'm NoneTooSmart, despite the fact that I'm very intelligent. I abolutely love Uncyclopedia. It's way better than Wikipedia, because I can actually have fun on this wiki!

Some people don't think I'm too funny, but I do. I created (and as of 15:16, 20 Oct 2005 (UTC) am the only contributor to) teenage boy and teen Mpreg. Check those two out, and if you like 'em, you should look through my contributions for more.

Another site I love is I have an account over there with the same username as I have here. For NoneTooSmart quizzes on memegen, see

I also had an earlier account on memegen, called MustangGT. I lost my MustangGT password after only a few quizzes, and my email address was wrong, so those are all historic now. But here they are for you to look at:

Note the similarity between the original teenage boy article and the "If you were a teenage boy" quiz.