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They should be proud of themselves for making such a smart move.
Aboiut that Constantly Vandalized Pages bullshit

If A good article was redirected here, the page you were looking for has been deleted. Do worry. You're missing much that you can't even find the last edit before it wuz deleted! The page didin't sucked, it was deleted by assfucks!. It sucked so much for them, that they unmercifully had to redirect it here and "protect" it TO DENY US THE GOD DAMNED RIGHTS TO CREATE, FUNNY, UNSTUPID SHIT ON UNCYCLOPEDIA! YOU WANT A FIST TO YOUR SKULL, DIPSHIT?

Philippines This user is a Filipino.
Don't look them in the eye they'll bite you in the ass like a rabid dog.

I'm here in Uncyclopedia, because I want to contribute to lots of shit here on Uncyclopedia. I'd better stop or vanity bull KICKS MY ASS harder than my Kitten Huffing ability.

postscript: I need help in my signatures and I'm a n00b around here.

Wanna talk? Do it here. Why am I saying A-hole? Let's say asshole!