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Fat Boy Kyle[edit]

This guy didn't follow our policies, and was promptly killed by an admin.

Fat Boy Kyle is nooby noob that does nooby things to anyone including his own nooby race.

He, after 1 hour of joining our great order, be-smirched it by creating a page known as "The Great Kyle". Though this was amusing, it was boastful and arrogant, and he mocked US (THE GREAT ADMINS)

As A result of this, he was promptly killed as the picture suggests

What follows is a personal message from the editors of Uncyclopedia to Fat Boy Kyle[edit]

You are wasting this wiki's time. You should be writing something, but instead you are just sitting there, waiting for it to entertain you. You could even be the Time Magazine Person of the Year. Don't you have any sense of responsibility? How can you live with yourself? Think about all the times you've laughed heartily at some passing rejoinder in the forums, guffawed mightily at a clever turn of phrase on your talkpage, or even politely smiled at some article during your favorite Uncyclopedia program: HumorSearch. Don't you think you owe it to this wiki to put in at least a semblence of effort to return that favor? You should cease and desist all extraneous and benign activity and write an article.

"OK, that was incredibly rude, mate. Firstly, I think you should be the one writing the article, seeing as you are the one that bloody gives a damn. Secondly, by caring about what I do with every second of my precious time spent on Uncyclopedia and forming an essay on what I should be doing, you have wasted more of the common people's time than I could ever imagine. Thirdly, how can you live with yourself? You think yourself funny, don't you? Well I don't. You are an idiot and have problems. Bugger off."

What? Who says "bugger" besides Captain Price? Probably some British creeper. British creeper, Fat Boy Kyle, you need to "bugger" off, you filthy "wanker"!

This harsh message was confimired to make the "Wanker" Fat Boy Kyle cry.

Yeah. And guess what![edit]

We know who you are. Yes, we do, Fat Boy Kyle, Ha ha, see? I told you we know all about you ever since you joined Uncyclopedia. Now what, you are crying in panic. All your base are belong to us, Fat boy kyle, and we are coming to get you if you dare vandalise a thing here. We knew you would come to this page (you're self-obsessed like that), so we sent you a personal message. Don't just read this wiki, contribute to it as well!

Plus, you suck. I mean, what kind of a user name is Fat boy kyle? Who in the world would think of such a name! Fat boy kyle! Only you, with all the time in the world to think up such a name. You're juvenile. You should go to jail. FOREVER.

"Now hang on a minute, you can't sa-"

You know what? You're crazy. We can do whatever we want!


Also! we have come to the conclusion that Fat Boy Kyle is of the following: A Homo Sexual, A Fat Person, and a Ham Spy (enemy of the turkey)

Kyle's Note[edit]

hey im kyle...erm...yep... I dont actually have a 'Social Life', so feel free to talk to me or ask me to help with page edits :D

A bit about Kyle

Kyle aka Fat Boy Kyle aka FBK is a average geek, with little/no ambition, he tends to keep to his cave, or if needed, dark areas between the cave and his new preys house He is the Main editor of the following pages: Rubberduckzilla, Gorleston and Laughing at jews - Unfortunately, Only Rubberduckzilla remains as the others were deleted by ChiefjusticeDS

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