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The Federal Asshole (Aviation) Administration or FAA is a bloodsucking excuse of a department that the government uses to reign over the skies. The department often has inspectors that walk around looking for people that they can torment to death, literally. These inspectors will discard pilots' licenses over such matters as what type of seatbelt is required in an airplane after March 11, 1996 (it must have a shoulder harness by the way). The FAA is not happy until pilots are NOT happy. This is a commonly quoted phrase that can be seen on t-shirts at any airshow. If there were such a pointless, useless, waste of time agency, this would be the one.

The FAA also hires examiners whose sole job it is to make sure that student pilots never get their licenses. They absolutlely love to fail people who are trying out for Airline Transport Ratings (needed to fly 747's like John Travolta). Bottom line, if you see someone from the FAA, and they ask you a question, you have two options. One, run like hell. Two, steal the nearest aircraft and attempt to run them over. Otherwise, they'll suck the life right out of you.